ASTARES S series LMC-AS/S-400-765-01/L11W10 Art. no.: 10140129 Status: serie

ASTARES S series
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Product information

  • High intensity LED modules for use in street lighting and industry luminaires
  • Simple electrical connection via plug-in terminals with push button
  • Module mounting via screw fastening
  • Colour rendering with a CRI value of 80 or alternatively 70
  • Low tolerance in colour consistency with 4 SDCM
  • High efficiency of LED modules with up to 150 lm/W
  • LED modules suitable for operation in SELV and non-SELV applications
  • Metal-core PCB for optimized heat spreading and simplified thermal management of the system
  • Compatible with STRADA 2x2 optics from LEDIL OY

Technical data

Photometrical data

Colour temperature 6,500 K
Colour consitancy (SDCM) initial value:< 3; after 50.000 h: < 4
Light distribution 120 ° (FWHM), lambertian

Electrical data

Rated power 31.4 W
Rated operating voltage 44.8 VDC
Nominal operating current 700 mA


Ambient temperature ta -20 ... 55 °C
Max. admissible case temperature tc,max 75 °C
Dimensions and weights
Length (X): 115 mm
Width (Y): 110 mm
Height (Z): 7 mm
Net Weight: 0.08 kg


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