ZITARES intelligent LED ECGAs flexible as the light

ZITARES intelligent is much more than simply a control unit. It’s a total system rendering LED control more flexible, individual and efficient than ever before.

Software and hardware come together in an intelligent way to provide a high-performance unit – ZITARES intelligent represents the universal solution for a wide diversity of requirements with modern light.

ECG and software - a strong team

ZITARES intelligent thinks as a system

Thermal protection

This is how intelligently modern LED ECGs protect the functionality of your luminaires: ZITARES intelligent measures internal temperature and adapts the output current to this. The result is automatic current adaptation that makes overheating impossible – operational safety is guaranteed and service life and reliability of the components are significantly improved. Thermal protection thus enables a diversity of applications for intelligent control gear, and also with critical ambient temperatures.

Power control

One from two: several ECGs were needed until now to generate differing output currents, but this is now possible with a single control unit. ZITARES intelligent features two individual output channels and therefore for the first time enables the separate controlling of two light sources with one ECG. The ECG can be loaded differently on both output channels, and you now need only one ECG instead of several with differing output currents. This flexible power control is ideal for example for a direct/indirect light combination. A second device becomes superfluous, stock-keeping costs are reduced and more slender luminaire constructions become possible – meaning greater flexibility at lower costs.

White-white control

ZITARES intelligent enables efficient and reliable white-white control. Differing output currents can be defined for both output channels, giving precisely the level of flexibility you need for modern lighting designs. Mix warm and cool white to achieve different colour temperatures. Both channels are separately controlled via a DALI controller for this purpose. Circadian sequences can be called with light management systems for example, providing healthy light in an especially efficient way.


Gain a complete overview of the functionality of ECG and LEDs in real time! The ZITARES intelligent monitoring system provides greater safety and reliability, both in the development phase and during operation. System tests for example can be carried out using the live monitoring function. During development, test the interaction of the ECG with other luminaire components – up to the limit values. Concrete advantages are provided by the monitoring system during running operation as well: possible errors, for example failure of the LEDs, are logged, saved and can be read out directly at a later time. Additional features such as the implemented operating hour counter achieve complete control.

Degradation compensation

All LEDs age, which is a normal and unavoidable process. ZITARES intelligent enables this ageing to occur without visible effects – the modification of LED luminous flux during the service life is automatically compensated. This gives constant brightness, and simultaneously a longer luminaire service life. This intelligent form of degradation compensation can also be individually set for the LEDs during engineering.


ZITARES intelligent is dimmable via the DALI control signal. This makes individual light control possible, with lighting being dimmable via a push-button or light management system. With DALI control units it’s even possible to set two connected light sources either in common or separately to any desired level.

Two output channels

Individually control luminaires with two light sources via a single ECG: the two individually controllable and variably loaded ZITARES intelligent output channels make this possible. This saves costs for a second device, reduces stock keeping costs and enables more slender housing designs.


Individual control, e.g. according to daylight, is conveniently possible by connecting sensors to the Detect & React interface. Daylight sensors or motion sensors can be integrated, and this intelligent form of light control saves energy and achieves pleasant, uniform luminous intensity.

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