Your advantages at a glance

Components that are perfectly attuned to one another
Low maintenance effort – utmost efficiency Up to 5 years system warranty
Project quantities available directly ex warehouse and from a single source
Switchable and dimmable devices with adjustable currents
Targeted control for more comfort in the applications in case of utilisation of intelligent electronic control gear units
Consulting and individual solutions as needed
Large product range with the most diverse of colour temperatures and CRI values individually tailored to your application
Customised solutions and quicker development times


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Luminus and BAG - A perfect team for quality from a single source!

About OEM Systems Group

From continuous lines to downlightst

The OEM Systems Group is offering you a modern, continuously expanding portfolio of solutions and products for LED lighting. Be it light for modern office and work environments, light for industry and technology, or light for Shop & Retail – you

receive fitting, energy-efficient, high-quality, and safe solutions for each and every application.

Expansion of the portfolio for shop lighting

In order to optimally showcase products – individualised and at the same time energy-efficient – LED lighting solutions are indispensable. Jointly with our partner Luminus, we can perfectly fulfill all requirements in this area. Thanks to the combination of Chip-on-Board (COB) modules of the latest generation and powerful electronic LED control gear units (ECG) of our BAG brand, you receive future-proof systems from a single source.


About Luminus

Chip development and manufacturing united under one roof

The US-American Luminus company, headquartered in Sunnyvale, California, which emerged from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), is leading in the development and manufacturing of innovative LEDs for general lighting and special applications. Luminus offers a comprehensive range of LED solutions for SHOP, RETAIL, and HOSPITALITY lighting systems.

Technical market leader for Chip-on-Board modules

Luminus is a 100% subsidiary of San’an Optoelectronics, headquartered Xiamen, China, one of the largest LED chip manufacturers in the world. Luminus has for 15 years, by now, been an established player in the global lighting industry. Outstanding expert knowledge and the utmost flexibility in fulfilling customers' wishes are converging at Luminus. The result are innovative, customised and competitive COB solutions for the most discriminating photometric requirements


Higher illumination effect - lower costs

Last, but not least, light constitutes a significant cost factor in retail: 60 percent of the whole power consumption in non-food retail are caused by lighting, and still 26 percent in food retail, according to the EHI study "Energy management in retail". In reversal conclusion, this illustrates: The optimisation potentials are still quite high. It is time for changes. Time for a transition to energy-efficient LED systems. Not only do they let energy costs melt away – they also score with their longevity and therefore with significantly reduced maintenance costs.

In connection with light management and a daylight-dependent light control, enormous savings can be realised. And: LEDs open up completely new options of light control. Brightness and light colour, for example, can be controlled individually with a maximum of flexibility. Light becomes a dramaturgical means to showcase goods even more effectively.

Orthocromaticity, low maintenance requirements, energy and cost efficiency

Jointly with our partner Luminus, we can perfectly fulfill all requirements posed to high-quality shop lighting. Thanks to the unique combination of Chip-on-Board (COB) modules of the latest generation and powerful electronic LED ECGs of the BAG brand, you receive future-proof systems from a single source. Luminus and BAG are jointly representative of leading development competency and the utmost speed of innovation.

Your added value:

We quickly and flexibly design solutions for virtually any requirement. All variables such as colour temperature, quality of light, and all other parameters are mapped in an individually tailored configuration. True precision work for your success!

Applications As individual as retail itself

The ideal light for Shop & Retail is as varied as retail itself. In the food sector, completely different requirements apply than for example for fashion – or for the light staging of a whole shopping mall. As different as the industries are, as individualised are also the requirements posed to a good lighting that appeals to the customer. With our solutions....


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