From production to running operation

The new EXELIQO software accompanies luminaires across their entire life cycle
Luminaires, lighting electronics and suitable software solutions increasingly form a single common unit to enable individual programming and further control options. BAG electronics offers a new and free software in the form of EXELIQO that brings together various dependable single solutions and also features many new functions. The software accompanies luminaires over their entire life cycle, from configuring on demand in the production facility to on-site installation as well as running operation and maintenance.

Software and ECG from a single cast
EXELIQO represents a high-performance unit in particular with the intelligent electronic control gear units of the ZITARES range. Implementing configurations, controlling ECG functions and modifying settings – the software with intuitive operation guides quickly and simply to the desired result. Output current can for example be set precisely, as well as implementing its temperature-dependent regulation. Compensation of LED degradation (CLO) or measurement of the ECG temperature is also simple. Always included – open, modular and therefore future-safe system architecture.

One platform for all
In the future, EXELIQO will combine all existing and upcoming BAG software products, ranging from ECG- and LMS component parameterisation and DALI system programming to complete system configurations for Human Centric Lighting applications. As of today, the EXELIQO software package includes the familiar and reliable functions of the former software products zitares360 and dali360:
  • zitares360, implemented in the EXELIQO as an ECG module, integrates itself in a user-friendly way into your processes and ensures simple communication between the software and ECG to set parameters individually and within seconds.
  • dali360, implemented in the EXELIQO as a DALI module, makes programming, servicing, modifications and other DALI application tasks simple, understandable and safe. The software was developed by practitioners for practitioners and features maximum levels of user friendliness.

Free downloading of the software is possible following registration at