The future of excellent light started with us in 1909 And since 2016 it is bundled more

Outstanding light has a fixed address – as has been the case for over 100 years. Our roots stretch back to the year 1909. What was applicable then is particularly valid now: new ideas and continuous innovation make us an expert, high-performance partner. Both brands in the OEM Systems Group – BAG and ZALUX – have continued to lay the way in the past decades with pioneering new developments.


As a system partner for intelligent lighting solutions, we are currently unifying this depth of experience and knowledge from many decades to enable us to support the global lighting industry even more efficiently and comprehensively. The following timeline documents some of the special milestones.



Together into the Future

We create the future of light together

Two renowned brands – and one strong partner for the global lighting industry: the new OEM Systems Group brings together the expertise of BAG and ZALUX, with an extensive product portfolio and pioneering technology as well as international development resources and production locations. As a system partner, the Group offers attractive added value and customised solutions for outstanding light. And all from a single source.