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Products for excellent lighting For each request, the right system solution

Through the cooperation of BAG electronics and ZALUX, combining five businesses all together, we can complement our strenghts in order to offer the customers an even wider choice: intelligent and individual lighting solutions, building on the common, global development resources.


Our customer's requirements have changed significantly due to the arrival of LED technology. Whereas previously there was a clear delimitation between light source, electronic components and the actual luminaire, this boundary has been dissolved. The transitions are almost fluent now.


Our claim


Specialised in the development and construction of luminaires functioning with complete reliability and long lifespans in extreme conditions such as heat, humidity and low temperatures. ZALUX is the European market leader for luminaires with higher protection ratings.
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BAG electronics

Represents state-of-the-art electronic solutions specifically focusing on pioneering LED components. ECGs, modules and intelligent software applications: BAG solutions create a strong basis for future-safe OEM products.

The expertise and experience of our approximately 950 employees around the world is what makes the difference. We have a global presence and are always close to our customers. Our locations in Germany, Spain, India and the Philippines benefit from a high standard of technical expertise.

A dedicated team of engineers develops new products and special solutions for customer- specific requirements. Our own production sites in Spain, the Philippines, India and China, supply products at maximum technical levels ranging from electronics to metalwork and plastics processing.

A special feature: our strategic network of development and production services is also available to customers from the lighting industry.


The SAP merchandise management system at all locations ensures established processes and highly efficient distribution. We currently supply our products to over 70 countries in five continents.

In addition, we are continuously investing in new machines for our production sites as well as the expansion of our locations.

Our priority is to work closely with our customers to ensure that product expectations are not only met, but also exceeded. We want to ensure long- term and successful corporations.



Thomas Patzelt, CEO<br> OEM Systems Group – Germany
„Every day we are consistently working on preparing the OEM Systems Group for the challenges in the future. In the highly dynamic environment of the lighting industry we want to inspire our customers with efficient, leading products and the best possible service.“
Thomas Patzelt, CEO
OEM Systems Group – Germany
José A. López, Managing Director<br> OEM Systems Group – ZALUX, S.A. – Spain
„Even in cases of special requirements, the OEM Systems Group provides individual solutions. For decades, and now, we are manufacturing weatherproof luminaires, industrial metal battens and lighting components for OEMs worldwide, in the heart of Spain, thereby setting international quality standards – naturally also in the field of LED lighting.“
José A. López, Managing Director
OEM Systems Group – ZALUX, S.A. – Spain
Dirk Politowski, Managing Director <br>OEM Systems Group – BAG electronics GmbH – Germany
„The requirements for lighting electronics are becoming more and more complex. We see ourselves as a systems partner of the lighting industry and offer overall solutions from a single source. The basis for this is our customer proximity – with contacts on-site and a direct communication with our partners.“
Dirk Politowski, Managing Director
OEM Systems Group – BAG electronics GmbH – Germany
BS Praveen, Managing Director <br> OEM Systems Group – BAG electronics Pvt. Ltd. - India
„Economic success and social responsibility go hand in hand, especially in a rapidly developing country like India. The OEM Systems Group combines both: A state-of-the-art site for research and development, bringing out products that are just right for India, as well as production and logistics with a sustainable investment in education, ecology and social matters.“
BS Praveen, Managing Director
OEM Systems Group – BAG electronics Pvt. Ltd. - India
Roland Odenthal, Managing Director <br>OEM Systems Group - BAG electronics Inc. - Phillipinen
„Almost 20 years ago, we established our first foreign manufacturing facility in the Philippines. Our claim here is also to convince the lighting industry day by day of our high-quality products. Therefore we are not only investing into technology – but also into the qualification of our employees.“
Roland Odenthal, Managing Director
OEM Systems Group - BAG electronics Inc. - Phillipinen